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Red Bank Catholic
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Office of Advancement
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112 Broad Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701
(732) 747-3256
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Gail Slevin,
Director of Advancement
Kate Gotta, Director of Alumni
Joanne Smith, Director of Finance

The Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations

The Alumni of Red Bank Catholic

The Red Bank Catholic Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations is appropriately situated outside the Broad Street Auditorium, a venue that every single graduate of RBC has sat in, sang in, danced in, studied in, etc. If the walls of the BSA could talk they would tell stories of fabled productions, boisterous boxing matches, unforgettable dances and solemn graduations. They would recall those faces and those voices that were so much a part of our lives...Sr. Eleanor...Msgr. McCloskey...Msgr. Casey...Sr. Alma...Sr. Percy Lee...Woody Malick and the hypnotist...Bob Cioffi...Sr. Joanmarie and Sr. Regina...friends, classmates, teammates. That room has been the site of so many significant moments in our school's history. It continues to echo with laughter, shuffling feet, shifting chairs and teachers encouraging stray students to "move along".

The faces change every year but the heart of our alma mater remains the same. We have, as we always have, great kids, great "Casey" families and great alumni. The bricks and mortar may change as they should. Plans are underway for a major refurbishment of the entire campus. We are all linked, however, by something beyond buildings. The places that provided a place to grow, to laugh, to learn and to forge life long friends are evolving but they will serve the same purpose for this generation and for future generations of RBC students. They will provide a backdrop for wonderful, powerful memories.

We invite you to come back to revisit your own memories. Walk the halls you used to walk, climb those torturous four flights again, visit rooms that had special significance for you. Share your memories with us and allow us to share our vision for the future with you. You are an important piece of the future as well as the past.


Red Bank Catholic High School